(past, present, future)


Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA                                                                          2013

Reaching OUT MBA – Boston,  MA                                                                                          2012

The San Francisco LGBT Center – San Francisco, California                                             2012

The City University of New York – NYC, NY                                                                          2012

Gender Reel Festival – Philadelphia, PA                                                                              2011

West Hill United Church – Toronto, Ontario                                                                     2011

US Department of Education – The Washington Court Hotel, Washington, DC      2011

   Federal LGBT Youth Summit

Mazzoni Health Center – Lowes Hotel, Philadelphia, PA                                                 2011

   Elixir: The Cure for the Common Gala

The Identity Space, Binghamton, NY                                                                                     2009

Beyond the Rainbow Wall, The Cube – Binghamton, NY                                                2008

Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

   Open Spaces: Pride/Prejudice: Voices of LGBT Youth                                       2008

The University of Maryland, College Park, MD                                                                                              

   Proudly Coloring Outside the Lines                                                                              2008

Willaim Way Community Center Art Gallery, Philadelphia., PA

   Evidence                                                                                                                                   2008

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Headquarters,  Washington, D.C.

   Pride/Prejudice: Voices of LGBT Youth                                                                      2007

Warsaw, Poland

   III Warsaw Festival of Photography                                                                           2007

Dorrance Hamilton Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

   Staff Exhibition: 2007                                                                                                    2007

Rosenwald Wolf Hall, Philadelphia, PA

   Faculty Exhibition: 2005                                                                                              2005

Dorrance Hamilton Hall, Philadelphia, PA

   Work After Work                                                                                                              2004

G1 Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

   Diverse Inspirations                                                                                                       2004

True Expression, St. Petersburg, FL

   Pride/Prejudice: A Focus on Gay Youth                                                                    2004

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

   Pride/Prejudice: A Focus on Gay Youth                                                                    2003

Equality Forum Art Show with Y.G.A. (Canada), Philadelphia, PA

   Exuberance                                                                                                                             2003

Photo Review Awards Show, Gallery 1401, Philadelphia, PA

   Best In Show, 2002                                                                                                         2002

Dorrance Hamilton Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

   Award Winners                                                                                                                   2002

Space 315, Philadelphia, PA

   The Kids Are Alright                                                                                                      2002

The Gallery, University of Florida.

   A Collection of Memories                                                                                             2001

Dorrance Hamilton Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

   Art for the Masses                                                                                                           2001

The Society for Photographic Education Regional Juror: Katherine Ware:

Curator of Photography at Philadelphia Museum of Art

   Pleasures and Terrors of the City                                                                                2000

Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA                                                                                   1998




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