Update #1

Hello friends and family

Welcome to MR Adventures!  (MR=Meg Rachelle Adventures)


We will be leaving our jobs and home in Philadelphia to take the opportunity to travel, do language immersion, volunteer and do some WWOOFing (World Wide Organization of Organic Farms).


We tried to plan this 4 years ago until I (Rachelle) had an injury that required me to need 5 surgeries over 3 years. THEN we bought a house.  NOW, we’ve finally saved enough money and got our health and strength to leave our jobs and take this daring adventure!


This site is place that you can follow us and see what we’re up to!

(and a place for our family to know that we’re doing ok)


We will be counting down the days until we leave our jobs, our home, and then the country!

We will be going to Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil!   Click on the country to the right to see updates as they happen OR just stay tuned on this main page.


For any of you that have been to, or have contacts in these countries… we’re always looking for tips or people to meet.

Shoot us an e-mail at MR.Heart721@gmail.com

 or, contact us if you know anyone who is need of a sublet from mid January-June!
¡Adios!   -Meg and Rachelle

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