Guatemala Photos

after 24 hours of travel and walking across the boarder… we arrived in guatemala!


One view from the terrace of our hostel in Antigua, Yellow House


The quintessential Antigua Guatemala photo. This was a few blocks from our hostel


For the better part of a month, we had this breakfast´- eggs, beans, stewed tomatoes, herbed potatoes, pancakes, bread, homemade jam, 4 different types of fruit, and coffee! This was the 7am breakfast que


For 3 weeks we had Spanish classes in this garden


We shopped here for every meal. 3 days a week the market extended outdoors for extra fruits and veggies. 5 fresh off the tree avacados for $1, yes please!


Zapote and Mamey turned out to be a dessert favourite!


We miss this market


So many colors and textiles!


A view from Lake Atitlan (the calm after the storm)


This dog followed us around for one whole morning, and this lady follwed everyone around trying to sell her wares… in Panajachel


We visited a macadamia farm. The fallen shells make the walkway.


The bathroom on the macadania farm. Worthy of sharing.


Date night!

With Brie and Anna at Hectors! Our last night until our next reunion somewhere in the world

Selfie on Volcan Pacaya


Eating a marshmallow cooked in the volcano!


We were followed by horses and dogs all the way up!

Photo credit- Megan Schneider… setting ¨dramatic



One Sunday procession post Lent/pre Easter


a typical view from our street


another typical view… ruined churches and tuk tuks


at Cafe No Se with new friends Toby, Georgia, and Brie


so happy to have met Kris and Alice… their travel blog blows ours away with wit and truth! because in the end, all the terrifying experiences are hysterical, right?


the inside of a “sauna”





this man chopped down this tree with a machete and then carried it down a mountain into town…carrying it by a strap on his forehead… and he is in his 60s and shorter than Rachelle. respect


one of the beautiful places we stayed…which may or may not have had bedbugs


Meg and Nicholas holding onto the frame of a pick up as we travel through the windy mountainous roads


this is safe, right?


a picture of us making it over that bridge!


we hiked to this awesome view of the aqua pools of Semuc Champey that we would later swim in!


the hike with Nicholas and Ni


the river runs below these gorgeous pools



Meg being serenaded


another place we stayed… this is the view from the shower!



view from our room…


bat cave! we stood there as thousands of bats flew by us. we could hear and feel the flutter of their wings and see their shadows lit by that lone bulb.


Meg was not thrilled about the plant face paint


this is us smiling, lit by candles in a cave…before realizing it would fill with water, we would have to squeeze between rocks and climb waterfalls, and Rachelle would lose her shoe


candle lit cave swimming


the blur is most likely from Rachelle shivering


sweet sweet daylight


rope swing…dangerously above huge rocks


bridge jump… at extremely low tide


Meg with nice form


Semuc Champey – paradise of Guatemala




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  1. Susan

    Man! Just took some time to look at your photos. They are amazing. The people, the landscape, the buildings . . . what can I say. It’s so nice to be able to talk with you and see that you both are healthy and happy. We miss you both so much. We talk about your adventures with friends and family but they know as much as we do because they are following your adventures online. It’s been an experience for all of us . . . thanks for sharing. Hugs and kisses from all of us. Stay safe and healthy. Love you both. Susan, Mom, whatever . . . and Dad.

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