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Over and Out North America!

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See you on the other side!


Meg and I have moved out of our house and in with our respective parents home.

We will be in the air 12 hours from now!

It’s all pretty surreal and most likely will not sink in until we land in Mexico City tomorrow afternoon.

We received great news that one of our besties will be flying down the night we get there so we’ll have a few fun days to explore with her before we settle into our homestay and start school!


Let the adventures begin!

over and out

rachelle (and meg)

Pre-departure Preparations

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Hello!  Meg here.

I wanted to share the latest completed task on our pre-departure checklist…our packing list.

We’ve been working for a couple months gathering supplies and deciding what nonessential items we must leave behind.

One of the more difficult things is preparing for the variety of weather we will encounter.  For example, Mexico City in January can be as warm as 70*F and as cold at 45*F.  As we work our way south, we’ll cross the equator around Quito, Ecuador where it is pretty much 65*F year-round, but in more coastal cities it could be in the 90s.  Towards the end of our trip we’ll be in the southern hemisphere’s winter where it could get down to the 30s-40s.  Brrr!  So that explains why we need to make room for bulkier items, such as our L.L. Bean waterproof raincoats, our EMS warm jackets, and our Under Armor cold gear long underwear.  Full disclosure: our L.L. Bean raincoats match.  It’s not something we’re proud of, we don’t think its “cute,” it was a matter of the youth raincoats being on clearance and if it wasn’t the lovely ladylike deep purple that we both chose, our options were baby blue or bright fuchsia.  So, so no need to worry that we are letting ourselves go and breaking the rules of lesbian fashion, it was simply a matter of necessity.  But come to think of it, it is hilarious to see matching couples (i.e. Disneyworld), maybe I’ll give Rachelle another photo assignment…

Over and out,


Rachelle’s Pack



Meg’s Pack


Update #1

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Hello friends and family

Welcome to MR Adventures!  (MR=Meg Rachelle Adventures)


We will be leaving our jobs and home in Philadelphia to take the opportunity to travel, do language immersion, volunteer and do some WWOOFing (World Wide Organization of Organic Farms).


We tried to plan this 4 years ago until I (Rachelle) had an injury that required me to need 5 surgeries over 3 years. THEN we bought a house.  NOW, we’ve finally saved enough money and got our health and strength to leave our jobs and take this daring adventure!


This site is place that you can follow us and see what we’re up to!

(and a place for our family to know that we’re doing ok)


We will be counting down the days until we leave our jobs, our home, and then the country!

We will be going to Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil!   Click on the country to the right to see updates as they happen OR just stay tuned on this main page.


For any of you that have been to, or have contacts in these countries… we’re always looking for tips or people to meet.

Shoot us an e-mail at

 or, contact us if you know anyone who is need of a sublet from mid January-June!
¡Adios!   -Meg and Rachelle

USA… where we begin and end our adventures

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we will have a short descriptor here




post  trip adventures