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  1. My assignment is a contact sheet One day. 24 photos only. Photos must be consecutive. No deletes.

  2. Denise Tepler

    Please take photos of First Nations peoples in each country, preferably in traditional clothing: men, women and children.

  3. take a picture of you or meg doing a cartwheel in every location, and when you come back I will put them in after effects for you this should be fun …. =)

  4. ThisIsJustATest

    Take one photo you would display at a gallery every day

  5. Shoot something Olympic-related in Rio.

  6. Take a picture of you and Meg looking out at a beautiful landscape or piece of scenary during the magic hour, dusk. Take the photo in each little town, city, village you happen to be in.

  7. Take a photo of a street musician in each location

  8. Kim Bunce

    Take a panoramic at the equator, preferably a 360º but I’d settle for a 180º with both of your smiling faces! Also it would be neat if you tried to recreate the inspiration photos you posted in your blog from each country.

  9. Pix of you at the top of the highest pyramid at Teotihuacan and pix of you on the beach at Santa Marta in Colombia. Pix of people diving off the bridge at the entry to the main beach at Santa Marta.

  10. I want to see pictures of you guys jumping in front of things, like jumping really high in different poses. and don’t forget ‘lounge jumping’ if you’re jumping into water.

  11. For each city and village, please select at least one image that sets the character of the built environment there – the houses and shops along the streets and roads. Thank you and have an awesome time!

  12. Manhole covers/sewer caps/public water supply caps. I always like to see the stamps and details of these things in different places.

  13. Kate Cunningham

    A photo of ‘algo Nuevo’ you learn every day, or maybe just your favorite of the week. I don’t doubt there will be a plethora these pics.

  14. Images of the sky – I love seeing how different the clouds are in different parts of the world! Have a safe & fun trip ladies!

  15. Take pictures of the exteriors of bars.

  16. Please document all of the types of transportation you use to complete your big journey. Love you both!

  17. karen Bailey

    i would love photos of patterns, either architectural repetative pattern, or some from nature.
    Also close ups of street vendors carts.
    Happy trails!

  18. David Graham

    Okay, photograph the juxtaposition between the indigenous culture of the country you are in and the invasive culture of the tourists.. unless you are in a place where there are no tourists, in which case you should take the latest posted green bathroom picture as a point of departure… but without tourists reflected in the mirror. Five images by Saturday.

  19. I would love photos of interiors of domestic places that you stay in or just encounter. I’d be interested to see the different furnings/arrangements/layout/decor of homes in foreign countries. Safe travels! Ellie-bear and Frankles miss you.

  20. Steven Grieco

    Take pictures of children doing things that adults could do better, like having fun with simple things, smiling, playing in groups etc.

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